The Domain Challenge - Learn to FIND, BUY, and SELL Domains in just 5 Days

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Join The Domain Challenge BEFORE September 12th and get everything listed below PLUS a brand new copy of my latest book, The Authorpreneur Blueprint!

Get a free copy of The Authorpreneur Blueprint!

This book sells for $200 on Amazon ( and will show you how to combine self-publishing and KDP with entrepreneurship to build a business around your own specific expertise.

The Domain Challenge comes with my KEEP THE BOOK Guarantee! If you're not satisfied with the challenge, simple ask for a 100% refund, no questions asked, and you can KEEP THE BOOK as my gift to you!

I bought my first domain, LOCOMODEM.COM way back in 1999. Here we are, 23 years later, and I'm still buying new domains every month.

Domains are the original 'digital real estate'. They can be bought for as little as $9 and resold for hundreds, thousands, or even MILLIONS of dollars!

And while I'm generally known for Amazon, FBA, Merch, and KDP, I know a thing or two about FINDING, BUYING, and SELLING domains!

My two largest domain sales were for $65,000 for SELL.IO:

And $35,000 for MERCH.CO.

Recently, everyone has been asking me to teach them more about domains. You asked, and I listened! So, starting September 12, I'm hosting the FIRST EVER Domain Challenge!

The Domain Challenge includes:

FIVE DAYS of LIVE training (+replays) with me, Chris Green, where I will teach you everything that I know about FINDing, BUYing, and SELLing domains.

The Domain Challenge also includes the FOUR WAYS that I personally use to FIND and then BUY GREAT domains WITHOUT spending a lot of money.


I'm not one to keep secrets of hide them behind a paywall. I'll OPENLY tell you the "Big Secret" to finding, buying, and selling domains. Here it is:

Don't try to catches waves!

Being successful in the domain game has much more to do with putting yourself in the POSITION to 'catch a wave' than it does with trying to catch waves by chasing them.

You can absolutely put yourself in the POSITION to 'GET LUCKY' and be in the right place at the right time.

The domain game is not played recklessly. It's played by 1) paying attention, 2) making SMART decisions, and 3) being PATIENT. You will learn all of these things in The Domain Challenge.

I will also share with you my FAVORITE places to SEARCH for new, unregistered domains so that you can quickly and efficiently find emerging domain opportunities.

I will even share with you my FAVORITE places to find:

-Expired Domains on Auction

-Underpriced Domains For Sale

I will also explain how I personally evaluate domains for sale and set asking prices for my domains. Naturally, I will share with you my preferred Domain Marketplaces to LIST your domains FOR SALE.

Finding, Buying, and Selling domains is fairly simple, IF you know what you're doing. In The Domain Challenge, you will learn everything that you need to know so that you can FIND, BUY, and SELL domains SAFELY and SECURELY!

PLUS you get over $600 in BONUSES!

When you join The Domain Challenge, you will also receive:

1) The Authorpreneur Blueprint Udemy Course ($199 value):

2) The Ultimate Guide to Stencil for Merch By Amazon and KDP Udemy Course ($49 value):

3) The Authorpreneur Challenge Replay Package ($199 value):

Ten 1-hour private training videos about using KDP and self-publishing to become a successful Authorpreneur.

4) The Merch Challenge Replay Package ($199 value):

Fourteen 1-hour private training videos about using Merch By Amazon to become successful in the world of print-on-demand.

The Domain Challenge also comes with the best customer service and return policy in the business! If you are not satisfied with what you learn in The Domain Challenge, simply ask and you'll receive a 100% refund, no questions asked!

Once The Domain Challenge starts, you will no longer be able to join. SO DON'T WAIT! There is no much to gain from the exciting world of domains and literally nothing to lose so join The Domain Challenge today.

This product is not currently for sale.

Learn to FIND, BUY, and SELL Domains with Five Days of LIVE Domain Training with Chris Green

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The Domain Challenge - Learn to FIND, BUY, and SELL Domains in just 5 Days

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